Services: sound design, soundtracks, mixing 5.1 DCP

Sound design, soundtracks, mixing 5.1 DCP · Quality, Creativity and Experience at your service.

sound editor · adr · sound design · foley · original soundtracks · restoration · mixing · mastering · DCP 5.1

The first “Non-Environment” studio by the  acoustician Philip Newell in the southern hemisphere. The “Non-Environment” design minimizes the influence of the room on the recording and production processes. It is this acoustic design, together with Miller & Kreisel THX monitoring (behind the 4K projection screen), which allows us to master for DCP in 5.1.

Equipment: AKG,  Apogee, Audient, Audio-Technica, Avid, DPA, Euphonix, Focusrite, iZotope, Lexicon, Motu, Neumann, Roland, Sonnox, Source Elements, Synchro Arts, TLA, Waves Mercury + Studio Classics , Yamaha etc.

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Interior design: innateam

A Source-Connect studio

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